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My name is Adam Gingrich, I would like to welcome you to my website. I have spent the last 20 plus years of my life working in and around government and politics. In addition to being a government analyst and directing operations for a state executive agency, I have managed campaigns from the local and state levels, including working with the past 4 republican presidential campaigns.

But let me be clear, nothing compares to the experience of working with the Trump Campaign. I learned a whole new level of political communication and strategy. I have a new sense of purpose and pride working to help get the truth out about what President Trump’s agenda is and how it can be achieved. I will utilize my skills and experience to work around a dishonest and disgraced established media to bring you the truth.

On this website, you will see the Trump agenda front and center. You will find daily and weekly updates straight from White House sources. You won’t have to search low and high anymore for the facts. It is my goal to bring you up to the minute updates and analysis on the political news of the day. There won’t be any pop-up or redirecting advertising on my site. It is entirely funded by myself and those of you who wish to contribute.

This is just the beginning. Our site will grow, and our brand with it. We will increase our interactive capabilities to video and more, as our resources allow.

When it comes to separating fact from fiction, please make wickmediaproductions.com your first stop.

Thank you for visiting, please help us spread the word.

Adam Gingrich
Owner – Wick Media
Political News, Consulting and Communications

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Latest News

Un-Presidented: The Democrats Bizarre Scheme To Undo 2016 Election
October 6, 2019
People who read my articles and follow my commentary online, know I have a favorite quote: “There’s nothing new under the sun, except the history you don’t kno
Fact sheet on Kavanaugh Process
October 1, 2018
Kavanaugh has been recommended for confirmation by the Senate Judiciary Committee by an 11-10 vote. There was no rider to that motion and no amendments were ...
From Russia With Love
June 12, 2018
If there’s an American left that’s not sick to death of hearing about Russia, chances are they work at CNN or NBC. Myself, I’m loathe to delve into the topic ag
Mueller Time? It’s Running Out…
June 6, 2018
Robert Mueller was tasked with the awkward, if not outright impossible mission of creating a crime that never happened. Worse, his very mission was conceived an...
Grounded Ambition: How Jeff Sessions’ Dream Job Became A Nightmare
June 4, 2018
Jeff Sessions is a good man. He’s a capable lawyer, and his pedigree goes far deeper in respected conservative legal circles than most realize. None but the mos
MAGA: Ideological Evolution Ain’t Easy
September 12, 2017
If you are feeling a distinct and specific shift in the conservative political paradigm, it's not your imagination. If you're old enough, you remember the Goldw...

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