The trouble with making war with an uncommon enemy, are the uncommon results that tend to follow. I would imagine many such metaphorical wars were waged against Donald J. Trump in the earlier days of his storied career in the Manhattan real estate business. Lessons were learned, enemies made, battles lost, but Trump stores all these historical moments categorically. He draws upon them with an astounding subconscious ease. He can wound as easily as he woos; he comes bearing bouquets and bullets in equal measure. He wants nothing more than for you to think you know him. It’s only then, will he mark his moment. A known commodity in real estate or politics, after all, can be easily priced and sold. Donald J. Trump is not subject to the rules, he is too busy writing them. He is many things, but a known commodity is not one of them.

In my day, I’ve seen some titans of politics up close. I’ve watched them work, read their stories of bravado, and studied what remained as a legacy.  Lately, I’ve taken up my old, scattered academic pursuit of executive comparisons in search of what could help draw a fair picture of Trump’s presidential forbears. I can find precious little that can be attributed to any single president, but many traits that are found among the best.

For instance, I can sense the bluster and righteous anger of Andrew Jackson at all things that defy the people of this nation a fair shot at prosperity. I can feel the thunderous temerity of Abraham Lincoln to muster this nation to its God-given potential. I can envision the searing stare of Teddy Roosevelt as he would cast his eyes upon the sickening wealth and the antitrust laden moral rot of Silicon Valley. I can hear the endless dreams and enduring hope of John F. Kennedy. I can identify both the genius of foreign policy and the virulent contempt for the lying media that was embodied by Richard Nixon. I can feel the beating heart of Ronald Reagan, who hated evil and loved freedom with equal zeal. And most telling of all, I can identify no such similarity, not in the least, that Trump shares with his immediate predecessor.

So what will tomorrow bring? I can’t be sure. I take a certain comfort in that. For if I don’t know, nor do our enemies; foreign and domestic. I place my trust in the hands of the man I labored to elect as my president. Not one time in these past four months, have I tucked my young daughters into their beds with even a scintilla of doubt as to the wisdom of my choice. Changes are coming, that I know. There are those in this country, and abroad, who will stop at nothing to distract us from our goals, strip us of our freedoms, and yes, even take our lives. President Trump walks the halls of the White House, like those before him, and long after we have all gone to bed. He walks, and he draws the courage, the inspiration to protect us from our enemies. And only he knows what tomorrow will bring…

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.