The Politics Of Impeachment: Nixon’s Lost War Against Establishment Was Not In Vain

The Politics Of Impeachment: Nixon’s Lost War Against Establishment Was Not In Vain

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I’ve seen this movie before. As one who wasn’t born in time to have witnessed the trials and tribulations of Nixon’s presidency, I grew to consume the facts of the story voraciously later in life. There is no sufficient sole source account of Nixon’s odessey. You must commit yourself to a deep and comprehensive exploration of all available accounts and form a consensus from the collective works. If you undertake such an academic journey, you will see a pattern; a pattern of subversive and insidious attacks waged by the establishment on the presidency. I don’t mean to imply merely attacks on the president, Nixon himself, but the entire executive branch. The war plan was executed with brilliant and reckless abandon, creating a pressured environment designed to force Nixon into falling prey to his own fears and insecurities. His battle may have been lost almost exactly 43 years ago today, but his testimony is alive and speaking soft words of caution to this day.

Ellsberg, Rosenberg, Rodino, etc. The names are different, but the games are the same. Congressman Drinan was every bit the crackpot moron in 1973 that Maxine Waters is today. The semblance is only shattered by the persistence of a single James Brown-esque wig. Like Trump, Nixon was also riddled with issues within his own administration. Henry Kissinger routinely violated Nixon’s trust by running to the NY Times, leaking information to undermine Nixon and raise his own profile. Ever wonder how Kissinger has maintained his beloved media status, despite being entrenched in clandestine planning to bomb Cambodia and dispatch false narratives about ending the Vietnam War for political purposes? Well, I’ll tell you: He earned his keep by leaking to the media. A practice to this day he espouses. My word of caution to President Trump, don’t trust that your conversations with the aging and manipulative Kissinger are confidential. And the cantankerous news reporter Dan Schorr, remember him? He swore before Congress that Nixon was deliberately undermining the press and challenging the credibility of the media. He bemoaned this was dangerous to the 1st Amendment. Phooey. Where have I heard that line recently? What is old is new again.

Trump and Nixon share a great deal in common, sure. Both are American idealists. They think in terms of big achievements, and abhor the resistance of bureaucracy. However, they are drastically different people who come from starkly different backgrounds. Nixon was a dirt poor Quaker from agricultural California, his modest upbringing stayed with him until the end. It was a nagging voice of uncertainty in the dead of night, it made him mean and cynical. It also drove him to always, always, take stock of his enemies and their motivations against him. Contempt of the press and the establishment aside, Donald Trump is a different story. We know his story, and we know his motivations in life were not to assume the highest political office in the land. Yet here he is, and here he shall stay.

There is no comparison to the series of bad decisions, conspiracy to obstruct, and other things that led to Nixon’s resignation. Frankly, were I to list them, it would only serve to further impugn Nixon’s character. Suffices to say, they, in summation, bear no resemblance to anything in our current news cycle regarding President Trump. The game plan deployed by the opposition is the only common thread. This time, however, they are missing even the appearance of criminality. It simply isn’t there. There will be no John Dean testimony or explosive Butterfield revelations. In fact, if anything, Democrat voters may be incensed by the deliberate hyper-billing of wrongdoing by Trump that doesn’t exist.

Bobby Mueller is no Archibald Cox, but he’s pretty darn close. Just like Rod Rosenstein is no Elliot Richardson, or is he? This, you see, is the real symmetry to be found in the curious cases of the establishment v Nixon/Trump. Remarkably, Nixon’s acting Attorney General, Richardson, solicited the insanely liberal Solicitor General for Kennedy, Archibald Cox, to be the special prosecutor. It was an incredible development, one largely ignored by history. The hypocrisy was stunning, and the agreed to order was even more so, stating the scope would cover “all offenses arising out of the 1972 election … involving the president…” Like Trump, Nixon was publicly forced to coldly embrace Cox. Behind the scenes, was a different story. Nixon was beside himself. He was quoted as saying, “If Richardson searched specifically for the man whom I least trusted, he could hardly have done better.” History, meet your new Richardson: Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

It’s painfully obvious now, to myself and the president, that a series of miscalculations from seemingly loyal cabinet members can lead to uncomfortably hot water. How did we get here? We are here because Attorney General Jeff Sessions put us here. There is no debate, no rational excuses to cover this brazen fact. It may not have been purposeful, but if it wasn’t, then it was ineptitude. Like Hillary might say, “what difference does it make?” It doesn’t. We are here. We are stuck with the ultimate establishment swamp warrior in Bobby Mueller. If a man will lie before Congress to justify a war resulting in the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of American military, he will lie about this investigation. If he insists on violating the scope of the executive order by investigating things that have nothing to do with the past election, and everything to do with financial dealings and tax returns from a long time ago, then must be fired. Come what may, letting Mueller play Dick Tracy for a year into the dealings of the president, his entire campaign team and family, is not an option. Mueller is breaking the law. Comey has broken the law. Obama’s entire White House staff has broken laws. And Jeff Sessions, he merely broke our hearts.

Historians love to flippantly refer to Nixon’s demise as “it wasn’t the crime, it was the cover up.” Not so. A cursory perusal through the transcripts of the WH tapes reveal a litany of criminal conspiracies. There is no need for a cover up without a crime. Ultimately, my advice to President Trump would be to give no safe harbor to enemies who would break laws to ensnare you in establishment traps. You have committed no crimes in connection with this election and Russia, sir. In that vein, you are free to govern the investigations accordingly. Should they steer outside of the fold, fire them. It is the lesson of history that tells us: the power of the executive is in the application of its authority. Excise this cancer, sir, before it becomes a metastatic monster that consumes your agenda.

Nixon is speaking to us from beyond the grave. He’s telling us it’s not personal, it’s business. He messed up, and he knew it. You haven’t, and we all know it. In the absence of a crime, only supposition reigns. In such confusion, our enemy thrives; in such shadows, they multiply. History is our roadmap, and our enemies are counting on us to ignore that and forge ahead into the unknown. But we know better, don’t we? We know the longer this drags on, the worse it will get. Fiction becomes fact without the benefit of scrutiny. Who among our media, or among congress, will be so discerning? None.

Mark Felt was Deep Throat. He was a crooked FBI executive who sought only to bring down the president. He made literary heroes out of two lazy journalists, whose only apparent job was to solicit illegal leaks from Felt in parking garages. Felt would later be convicted on multiple charges of violating the civil rights of Americans in the course of his FBI duties. He was a hack, a derelict and a leaker. He was Deep State personified. Has this story been told? No. Is FBI counsel James Baker our current Mark Felt? Is he peddling lies, instead of facts? Is Comey, or McCabe? The Deep State is alive and well, lo after these many years. As we approach the anniversary of Nixon’s resignation, we vow not be victimized by the swamp again.

Impeachment is not imminent. That being the case, it changes little in the way this “investigation” should be handled… Move swiftly, move purposefully and move strategically. Use history as a guide, use it wisely. Most importantly, remember Nixon’s final words to his staff 43 years ago, “always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself.”

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.

Beware the Rainbow Retailers and the Sunshine Salesmen

Beware the Rainbow Retailers and the Sunshine Salesmen

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Winning isn’t easy. Nobody ever said it was. Those in our movement who had false hopes of a little downward relief from the Sisyphean task of winning, must now admit the struggle will continue. We shall earn our victories only through laborious struggles and the dispatching of sheer political will. It will take time, and significant political pressure.

For Donald Trump, the application of pressure and time is not a foreign concept, but dealing with a recalcitrant and unyielding adversary like Congress is something new. After all, he can’t simply walk away from the negotiating table, not without surrendering his entire agenda. Indeed, we are outnumbered and outflanked on all sides by an enemy who has had 30 years to fortify their defenses. Our march will not be unabated, our plan of attack will not be static, and our gains will be hard fought. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

President Trump is a political newcomer, relatively speaking, new to the ways of Washington and the myriad of backwater minutiae that comes with it. Yet he is evolving, and he is doing so at a relatively rapid pace. In less than 200 days, he is identifying his mistakes, rectifying misplaced delegation of authority and engaging in bold cabinet moves. What the enemy identifies as chaos, is anything but to President Trump. Admittedly, from the outside, it appears as if there is a frenzied mass of confusion in the White House; from inside the eye of the hurricane, Trump sees it all and maneuvers in ways most beltway types could never fathom. Chess, the game most attributed to Trump’s forward thinking strategy, is actually far too timid and passive of a description to ascribe to the president’s style. I find it more suitable to compare it to a Patton-like proclivity to evaluate tank warfare. His style is loud and confrontational, but deftly measured in its strategy and execution. Hence the president’s affinity for seeking counsel from Generals. A military plan is not complete without several contingencies to be carried out in the event of exigent circumstances. Trump now knows that DC is just one big walking, talking exigent circumstance. He espouses a political philosophy that if it isn’t working, fix it; if you can’t fix it, nix it. Just like a General, Trump knows ‘two is one’ and ‘one is none’… Always be ready to enact the pivot protocol.

This is war, make no mistake about it. It’s a cold civil war for the soul of this country. If Trump had an inkling of this as he descended down the escalator more than two years ago, he has sinced affirmed it in his heart. The acceptable political casualty rate on our side grows every day, rightfully so. Side deals, handshakes and favors must cease and desist. Disloyalty must be displaced and weakness removed. Slowly, but effectively, this administration is ridding itself of the insidious RNC factions that dwell within like a malignancy. Establishment republicans were not behind the president, nor are they owed a protracted opportunity to show their evolution. Fire them.

So, with that in mind, I like to remind myself frequently that I owe my loyalty to the one man who surrendered his time and treasure to rescue his country. I bear no such necessity to those from the campaign, nor those who are currently in his orbit. I am cautious and wary of those who preach patience and decry the need for changes. For the most part, I find people who stand steadfast in support of someone not named Donald Trump, to have interests of their own. More than any other administration, since Carter, I think Trump should be afforded the opportunity to make changes in his ranks. He tried it the “traditional” way, by appeasing the big law firms, favorites of congress and some friends of contributors. That way has yielded mixed results thus far. These changes don’t happen in a vacuum, though.

For that reason, I pay little mind to what I call the “rainbow retailers and the sunshine salesmen,” who happily chide us to go on our way and entrust the outcome to the powers that be… With all due respect, no way. As well, I will put little stock in a threat from a republican senator to not fire Jeff Sessions, just as I will a congessman warning not to fire Steve Bannon. Both are ridiculous insults to the president. Try paddling in a canoe with somebody looking to go in the opposite direction, it’s not fun.

What we actually need now is a movement of unrivaled and incomparable activism within our ranks. We need to dig deeper, think smarter and fight back against apathy harder than ever. If we seek to educate ourselves to a level not previously attempted by an electorate, we help the president, ourselves and our country. Let’s take some personal responsibility for our future and our president’s agenda. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to President Trump. I pledge to help in any way I can, but I will not stand aside and ignore the brutal reality of our enemy’s vision. I believe news should be reported as neither good, nor bad; just true. Facts, after all, are not always fun.

May God bless Donald J. Trump, long may he reign…

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.

Enough! Republicans Are Committing Assisted Political Suicide

Enough! Republicans Are Committing Assisted Political Suicide

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Ever so subtly, the seeds of division are being sown within conservative circles. You, the Trump supporter, are the frog they are bringing to a boil. Sorry folks, this ain’t a hot-tub. Who has their hands on the stove? Some readily known characters like Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes and George Will; and some surprising new faces like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich. The latter group is the most indefensible and dangerous to the cause.

More importantly, and more to the point, the 800 pound gorilla in the Oval Office was never really the Russian adventures into the election. Instead, it is the shadow of a diminutive Jeff Sessions that is actually the culprit of this dreaded and interminable pall. There can be no mistaking this as a fact. Sessions should have removed himself from consideration as Attorney General the moment a Democrat Senator asked about recusal. He never once intimated to the White House he was even considering a recusal in any matter. That’s a dereliction of duty and a betrayal that vastly outweighs any contribution as a surrogate on the campaign trail. I mean, seriously, did we need him to carry Alabama? Loyalty is a two-way street. Trump, in my opinion, held up his end and Sessions has not. But like the infomercial says, “but wait, there’s more…!”

Sessions, and the little known legal insider in DC, Chuck Cooper, also signed off on a disastrous series of decisions. One, again, never even notifying the White House you were considering a recusal was a horrific act of malfeasance. It is, quite literally, responsible for the inception of this entire Russia witch hunt. Next, they settled on an order of delegated power that gave rise to their next biggest mistake: hiring Rod Rosenstein. It’s baffling beyond measure. Here is a quote from someone who worked with Rosenstein in a professional capacity, “Rod would have gotten a Hillary or Jeb Bush position at DOJ, but I never dreamed that our guys would self inflict this wound and give him such a dangerous position.” The president, only now being made aware of Rosenstein’s famously flexible political leanings, was right to blast him in his recent interview. Rod has never held a private sector job and thrives in the seedy underworld of revolving DC doors that produce hideously entrenched bureaucratic monsters.

Jeff Sessions, Chuck Cooper, and White House counsel Don McGhan, owe the president a huge apology. Unwittingly or not, they have given aid and comfort to the undemocratic and unconstitutional Mueller investigation. The absurdity of a president under an all encompassing microscope by his own administration. It’s maddening and I don’t begrudge the president for saying so, either. With every tweet about “I like Sessions, it’s not his fault” or “Sessions is loyal, the president should never have called him out like that,” Trump gets angrier and angrier. This president is boxed in on all sides by the Quixotic misadventures of Bob Mueller, and his supporters are shedding tears for the man who put him there. I couldn’t write this script.

So, by all means, defend Jeff Sessions and rally to the cause of keeping your favorite staffer (insert name here), but you’re not helping President Trump by doing it. Those inside the never Trump circle high-five each other each time they succeed in dividing the ranks of Trump supporters at the base. What we have on our hands is a quiet insurrection. The seeds have been planted, and to grow, they need to be nourished by the discontent and division of the Trump base. Those who will balk at this concept as advocating blind loyalty in the president, take heed, that is exactly what I’m advocating at this point in time. Any less, and we risk giving roots to something malignant and amorphous; something that will be beyond any measure of control. They are hunting the president, and they need republican diversity of opinion to succeed. If that sounds monolithic and reeks of anti-intellectualism, so be it. If they want to hunt the president, they will not do so on my property.

I know this stuff gets confusing. I know we have more people tracking politics than ever before in our history. It’s causing growing pains in the movement and that’s natural. But the democrats are united against Trump, therefore we must unite behind him. Any other scenario spells doom for our political and economic future. There is no winnable formula for republicans without Trump’s base of support. Those who dwell in shadows dreaming of a Pence presidency, know this: we love Mike Pence, but we will never forgive any act, even by omission, that would result in his ascension. Never.

If the president says you are eating meatloaf, grab a fork and smile. If you would rather qualify your support with your favorite pet cause, go right ahead. Be sure to enjoy your self-satisfied stand on principle, because the next meal you get will be rationed by a democrat.

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.

Manufacturing the Blues: The Media’s Fight to Keep You Down

Manufacturing the Blues: The Media’s Fight to Keep You Down

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When did it all begin? When was the first moment the media transitioned from “Trump can’t win” to “Trump won and we’re screwed”…? I think we can look to the moment CNN and other networks began showing downward trending market futures while western state polls were still open. This dramatic and completely unprecedented intrusion by the media on our election process is the only real “collusion” that has been evidenced thus far. In Europe, they lock down all media and much of social media on Election Day, in some kind of pathological response to the fear of an educated voter. In America, it’s the opposite. Our media inserted themselves into the election in ways never witnessed before, and they’re not finished yet.

Sure, we are all guilty of watching the election night video clips of the media meltdowns as Trump defied all expectations and shattered the careers of many a pollster and pundit. With that acknowledgment though, we must face the reality that the media never got up off the mat since that night, and they damn sure didn’t intend for you to do so, either. Since the midnight hour of November 9th, we have been besieged by a sociopathic and relentless media assault; desperate to defy optimism and strip the new president of any typical transition or national unity. In a metaphorical sense, they succeeded, but in a practical sense, not so much. In their efforts to destroy Trump, they have only succeeded in destroying themselves, and to some extent, the nation’s trust in many public institutions. It is the very definition of a Pyrrhic victory.

So in stony silence, and with clenched teeth, I watched every Sunday news show today. Would you believe in that five hours of “news analysis,” that there was not one mention of a record setting market? Not one mention of consumer confidence or private sector job gains? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. All Russia, with a dash of the health care blues. It was a staggering display of stamina on the part of the established media. A ceaseless and dogged attempt to drive the viewer into a state of paralysis and fear. Ethics in journalism have been readily replaced by seedy manipulation and standards have simply disappeared. Watching the display, day in and day out, one can’t help but become desensitized by it all. If not for my profession, I’d be content to join Sebastian Gorka’s parable of cartoon watchers.

Here now they will inundate us with “troubling” reports of mythical collusion and pound us into oblivion with skewed polls. They haven’t learned a thing since the election. Donald Trump’s base is unflinching and unwavering. It seems to stun them, and they bemoan this fact openly. It is my one source of amusement in all this madness. I must admit, taking up this journalistic endeavor myself, feels a little like trying to maintain sanity while living in an asylum. Perspective is hard fought and won in this battle for news analysis. Each day is a fight against varying degrees of misinformation and outright fabrications. Steady though my hand may be, I am nonetheless embroiled in a constant mental battle as to whether to engage the nonsensical debate head on, or ignore it altogether. Some days it’s harder than others to decide.

Long story short: don’t let the bastards get you down. This information war will not be a short one, so you’ll need a little faith and a lot of discretion. I am marching right along side you. I will do my best to dispel the lies and quell the increasingly prevalent click-bait rumors. Just know this, the latest Washington Post poll surveyed a paltry 23% of those who identified themselves as republican. 23%. Pretty amazing we have a majority in congress, all statehouses and governorships. Not bad for a party that only warrants 23% of a poll.

While 23% doesn’t sound like much, it’s a number the media in America will never reach again in public trust. They have sought vengeance on this president. Those who seek vengeance should remember to dig two graves. For the purposes of this discussion, those allegorical graves will house the media and the Democratic Party that marches with them in lockstep. They will have only themselves to blame.

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.

Standing Alone: How Media Fueled Harassment Charges Are Used To Attack Black Conservatives

Standing Alone: How Media Fueled Harassment Charges Are Used To Attack Black Conservatives

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I was 17 years old when I watched in horror, along with my High School classmates in AP Political Science, as Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas was the victim of a self-described “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks…” It was a scene that helped shape my vision of American politics, and the role that race played in it. All the platitudes and hyperbole that were drilled into our youthful heads about the triumphs over racism in America, faded away like a mirage as white senators on national television chided and condescended a proud, educated and supremely qualified black man. It haunts me still; even more on days like today.

I can think of no faster rising star in conservative media than Charles V. Payne. Frankly, it’s not close. Though he’s been with Fox Business since its inception, he has only recently met his full potential once he was afforded the airtime he deserved. Yet with exposure, comes vulnerability. Payne is perhaps too effective, too articulate, and simply too black to be allowed such an opportunity not properly sanctioned by the powers that be. All of us who represent a new, honest approach to journalism must weigh the risks of notoriety. With that attention, comes the progressive and hateful left; like hyenas they circle and seek, gleefully taking down a target too much for any of them individually. To be more emphatic, let’s call it what it is: a high-tech lynching.

Is there a more effective use of triggering social imagery than a white woman accusing a black man of sexual harassment? I’d argue in the negative. This is the ultimate imagery used in deploying subversive racial animus. In this instance, we see an African-American man quickly reaching status as a national symbol of achievement over adversity. A proud man with an expanding audience, who uses his platform to occasionally illustrate the double standards of the liberal left and explain the endless attacks on black conservatives like Dr. Ben Carson. This, the progressives can’t allow. In turn, they deploy the most destructive weapon they have. A white woman, a CNN contributor, no less, suddenly cries foul and hires a female litigator to leak lies to the liberal LA Times; who then go to print while ignoring Payne’s strongly issued denial. Hand in glove…

Without a scintilla of evidence, and in the weak-kneed tradition of Fox News executives, Payne was unceremoniously suspended from the network without so much an inclusion of his denials. Like O’Reilly, Ailes and others before him, Payne now stands alone. But let there be no mistake, Payne stands in a much lonelier place. A place Clarence Thomas knows well, a place Herman Cain found himself as soon as poll numbers went too high in early 2012 while running for president. The message is clear: stay in your place, boy. This time, though, it is my hope that every African-American who has ever felt the professional sting of these tactics, will take up the cause; all politics aside. This goes beyond politics, to be sure. This must not be considered fair practice in America. Period.

Fox Business will no longer be my haven in a world without fair and balanced news. In fact, I will contact their advertisers and I will include this article with my explanation as to why I am boycotting their respective products until Payne is back on set. We are a nation of laws. We are not convicted by our accusers, nor is guilt predicted on our skin color. This is wrong and I won’t sit idly by while the hyenas dance in the darkness around the lion isolated from his pride.

I’m not 17 years old anymore. I will not be content with silence while my angers demands action. More than 25 years after Clarence Thomas triumphed over a political lynching to boast one of the most distinguished careers of any Supreme Court Justice, I will mobilize to ensure Charles V. Payne does not stand alone. Fortunately, we can tweet our support to him @cvpayne and we can let @FoxBusiness know we won’t tolerate this attack.

Payne need not stand alone, if we muster the effort, the compassion, and the courage to stand with him.

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.

Our Independence Day

Our Independence Day

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On this day, July 4th, we Americans celebrate the birth of our independence. It is a day of celebration and excess of all things Americana. It’s fireworks, hot dogs, baseball and apple pie. It’s a day when we gloss over all the ugly trials and tribulations that have plagued us, lo these 240 some odd years. Instead, we don ourselves in the colors of our beloved flag and we embrace the amazing experiment that has birthed the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Independence Hall – Philadelphia

Some of us, though, celebrate a new kind of independence. We now feel unencumbered by the rigid, patronizing glare of the aristocratic and self-loathing liberals who deny America’s exceptionalism. What they fail to grasp is that on November 8th, 2016, we were freed from this pall that has been draped like a mourner’s veil over our patriotism for 8 years. No longer are we scolded to cast our eyes downward and apologize for our wealth, our drive and achievements. Gone are the funereal moments of somber malaise, as we were forced to listen to a president who understood nothing about our values, treating rural and suburban Americans with outright contempt. November 9th may have given birth to a movement of anti-American “resistance,” but it also gave us more…so much more. It gave us President Donald J. Trump.

Freedom may be a concept given forth from God, but to be ascertained and maintained in its existential form, it requires sacrifice; it requires blood, death, and unyielding commitment.  The men and women of our armed services who fought and died, did not do so for your entitlements. They did not sacrifice everything so that a burgeoning socialist movement in this country could separate wealth from its owners and distribute it as they see fit. America is now set forth back on its original path: a place where you can work your way into any life you want. Where you can abide by the laws and there will be nothing standing in the way of you and your dreams. That is what has been fought and died for, certainly not a lecture on perceived slights and old political grievances.

One must be honestly amused by the irony of our current political climate. I choose to chuckle, perhaps wryly, at the coinciding events of the Revolutionary War and the Presidential Election of 2016. One side let the hubris of wealth, tactics and self-assured superiority of all matters adversarial lead them into oblivion. Indeed, one side boasted far more resources, human assets and worldwide consensus of their fait accompli victory. Only they were wrong. Wrong on the finality of events that were set in motion on July 4th, 1776, and wrong on the events that came to fruition on November 8th, 2016.

Both days in history mark something epically and uniquely American. I’m unafraid of the contrast. I find both summation of events stunningly providential, and at once, refreshingly Rabelaisian. History has a habit of keeping the shine on the object of its attention. The present, however, offers no such sanctuary. Thus, President Trump makes his current march through the ceaseless muck and the mire… Waging a populist war against a deep state opposition so dark, so oppressive, that he endures by sheer will to succeed; and the grateful masses, this author included, who feel their country was saved.

Abraham Lincoln was well known to try and lighten a heavy moment with a quip or a tailored parable. At times he would describe the limitations of a compass; an object that would ensure you due north, but offer you no counsel as to mountains or swamps that befall you between that point and your destination. I like to think when Trump is walking the halls of the White House late at night, that old Abe walks along side, whispering his wisdom in the president’s ear. For there is little doubt Trump is learning there is far more maneuvering needed in DC to get from point A to point B without traversing through endless swamps.

On July 4th, we celebrate how we came to be and who we want to be tomorrow. As for everything in the middle, well, we must acknowledge it and learn from it. Our sins, our wars, our riots and our failures are the roadmap from Independence Day to November 8th, 2016. We are not ashamed to be the greatest and wealthiest nation on the planet. We earned it. We have the military cemeteries to prove it. We have sacrificed, we have lost, but in the end we are defined by how much we win. Donald Trump simply wants us all to win again. By leaving a life of fame and wealth to become an unpaid Commander-In-Chief, he adds to the lore of our larger-than-life, and admittedly, flawed American heroes like Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, FDR, Kennedy and Reagan.

The media and the frenzied left can attack Trump all they want, it hasn’t fazed his supporters in the least. He has freed us from caring about fake news and partisan attacks. When we elected Trump as our president, we announced our independence from all of that nonsense. It was, for all intents and purposes, our Independence Day. Happy Birthday, America.

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.

Unhinged: Washington Post Plays Typhoid Mary for the CIA

Unhinged: Washington Post Plays Typhoid Mary for the CIA

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I can almost hear the conversation after the last election in the Post’s editorial boardroom: “If some bots in Macedonia can infiltrate the Internet with fake news and innuendo, just imagine what we can do!” Followed by someone remarking, “Bezos will love it.” Sure enough, the Post has taken an almost hysterical and frenzied approach to spreading rumors and outright lies through “anonymous sources” and “people close to the current or prior administration.” It’s remarkable just how unremarkable the rest of the established media has found the Post’s dreadful record of accuracy during this time period. It’s propaganda now, plain and simple: A virulent strain of misinformation permeating every sector of a diseased and maligned Fourth Estate.

We’ve been here before; deviantly manipulated by lying, cynical intelligence agencies directed to provide a surgical and pre-packaged lie for public consumption. WMDs in Iraq, anyone? Then CIA Director George Tenet stood before the 9/11 Commission and lied about meeting with President Bush in August of 2001 regarding a very specific terror threat report. In fact, it was later revealed he met with Bush, after all. Twice. Lies. A common theme in the most vitally important intelligence game of all, the one called “cover your ass.” Tenet is also well known to be responsible for doctoring a false Intel report regarding a connection between Saddam’s Iraq and Al Qaeda, which directly contributed to the humiliating and career-ending presentation to the UN by Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Lies. All conceived by our own Intel Agencies to get a desired result. It worked then, convincing 2/3 of Americans that Iraq possessed WMDs, and it worked now, convincing 2/3 of Americans that Russia tampered with our election. The Tenet protocol didn’t stop with his retirement in disgrace. It was borne out during the Obama era under his old protege, John Brennan. Brennan spearheaded a similar ulterior operation to deceive us, from November to now, that the Russians did anything substantial to massage the results of our presidential elections. Brennan, using Tenet like manipulation, disseminated misleading Intel reports to media sources that indicated a false narrative. Then going on TV, and before Congress, and saying something totally different. It’s a bait and switch operation that plays right into “cover your ass.” It’s also predicated on lies and weaponized intelligence.

The Washington Post, for its part, much like its majority owner, Jeff Bezos, is functioning as a CIA propaganda machine. There is no fundamental difference between the Post to the Deep State mission than Pravda’s mission under Stalin. No discernible difference at all. The Intel community and the Fourth Estate are “bedded and wedded” at this point. This is a marriage made in hell for the American people. Our “free and open” media is actually entrenched and closed off in a mission of concerted lies and innuendo; imposed upon by a subterranean army of subterfuge, acting at the behest of the former administration. The only facts I can find that exist without dispute in this media barrage, are that our mainstream press has been hopelessly compromised and our Intel community is dangerously and inherently broken.

In 2002, then Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Bob Graham, issued a statement on the work of the Intel community leading up to and after 9/11: “The administration wasn’t using intelligence to inform their judgment; they were using intelligence as part of a public relations campaign to justify their judgement.” Sound familiar? Looks and sounds an awful lot like the Obama administration from November 9th until January 20th, and beyond, doesn’t it? A final report was issued from the committee in 2004 that contained a remarkable quote, one that will undoubtedly sum up the Russia Intel summary in the future. I’ll make it a paragraph unto its own, so you can read twice, if not more, to grasp its prescience…

“The Senate report…found the US Intelligence Community to suffer from a broken corporate culture and poor management that resulted in (assessments) which were completely wrong in almost every respect.”

Staggeringly accurate statement as to what is occurring today; and stunningly effective with the assistance of a complicit media, led by Bezos’ Washington Post. Together, a compromised media and weaponized Intel community have again successfully deceived 2/3 of our country for their own seedy and surreptitious mission. The system is broken. The threat is real. The chair is against the wall, for all you Red Dawn fans out there.

The mission of the media should be accurate reporting and accountability, not shady hearsay and unnamed sources. The mission of our Intel community should be keeping our country safe from those who wish it harm, not contriving a made up narrative to undermine a democratically elected President Trump. So, to quote the Wallflowers song: “reboot the mission.”

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.

Team Trump’s New Strategy: Vetting More, Betting Less

Team Trump’s New Strategy: Vetting More, Betting Less

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Wick Media Series Part 1: Rod Rosenstein

I’ve spent the past two weeks peeling back the layers of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein like an onion.  With every layer I peeled back, I found one deep state connection after another.  The network of government lawyers in DC is a dazzling matrix of dinner party pals, Ivy League marriages, and is probably the one place where bipartisanship flourishes; provided you subscribe to naked and uninhibited reciprocity.  It’s here, like a yellowed and over-stuffed rolodex, where you will find the seedlings that sprouted the endlessly and awkwardly enduring government career of Rod J. Rosenstein.

Rosenstein graduated in 1989 from Harvard Law with honors, where he had a spot on the coveted Harvard Law Review. He went to clerk for Judge Douglas Ginsberg, who you might remember as the second successive failed Supreme Court nomination, after Robert Bjork, by Ronald Reagan in 1987. After which, Rod joined the ever so cleverly entitled Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division at the Justice Department. Exactly none of you will be surprised to know that office was run Robert Mueller.  Mueller and Rosenstein go back to 1990.

After serving in a couple related positions in the Clinton DOJ, Rosenstein was hired by US Attorney Lynne Battaglia in 1997.  Battaglia was a former Chief-of-Staff to long-time Democratic US Senator Barb Mikulski, of Maryland, a figure who was seen as crucial in keeping Rosenstein employed later on through the Obama Administration. Next stop on the government gravy train, at the behest of Senator Mikulski, was a nomination to serve as US Attorney in Maryland. A few years later, in this capacity, then Attorney General Eric Holder handpicked Rosenstein to prosecute the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General James Cartwright for leaking classified intelligence.  Rosenstein was said to be so “aggressive” in his handling of the case, that the General was forced to accept a guilty plea.  Seems like a lot work considering Obama turned around and pardoned him.

In 2007, Rosenstein had a shot at what most assume to be his ultimate career goal: a federal judgeship.  Bush nominated Rod for the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, but it was a bridge too far, even for his political benefactor, Sen. Mikulski, who could not get her colleague Sen. Cardin to drop the “blue slip” against Rosenstein.  The Democrats in the Senate dutifully held the vacancy until 2009 when Obama would fill it.

President Trump nominated Rosenstein to serve as a deputy Attorney General on January 13, 2017.  His Senate confirmation was not until April 25th and was a resounding 94-6 in favor.  His fellow Deputy nominee, Rachel Brand, received no such bipartsan support, passing by a party-line vote.  One look at each of their resumes will tell you, it wasn’t about qualifications that influenced these differentials.

Enough, though.  This isn’t a glorified Wikipedia piece on the life and times of government legal beagle swimming in the swamp for 27 years.  This is about a rare breed whose survival tendencies are more chameleon than cockroach.  I’ve talked with several lawyers, all of whom worked with or near Rosenstein, and they all shared the assessment that the only thing exceptional about Rod was his unbridled desire to remain in the public sector.

It’s not uncommon for the same four or five Washington law firms to provide safe harbor for lawyers of both parties during administration changes. That never seemed to cross Rod’s mind, and for that, most of his former colleagues found him…”odd.”

They weren’t the only ones who had reservations about him.  None other than the infamous king of the cross-ailse cha-cha, James B. Comey, wasn’t comfortable with Rosenstein, either.  According to Lawfare blog editor, and Comey confidant, Ben Wittes, Comey said that “Rod is a survivor…and you don’t get to survive that long across administrations without making compromises…so I have concerns.”  Comey made this alleged admission in late March, mere weeks before his queasiness was proven justified. Somewhat justified; I should qualify.

One particular lawyer who witnessed Rod in action as the US Attorney in Maryland told me, “It was like Rod was running a farm team in the Maryland office for Eric Holder at Justice Main. He sent quite a few top deputies to Holder, including the ultimate fall guy for Holder’s ‘Fast and Furious’ operation, Jamie Weinstein.” But that wasn’t all he said, “Rod is a Lanny Breuer guy, too. Funny how nobody knows Lanny’s name.  Ask Sen. Chuck Grassley, he knows it. He demanded his resignation after ‘Fast and Furious’ hit the House and Senate hearing circuit.” And finally, “Lanny let UBS and HSBC walk with fines…and if those weren’t financial crimes warranting jail terms, then there haven’t been any in my lifetime.”

From there I explored whether or not Rosenstein’s proclivities would lean towards recusal in light of his role in Comey’s firing.  One fellow Bush appointee who worked with Rod opined that “(Rod) is clever enough to know staying in charge is his only job protection, and for the ‘experts’ he likes to keep around him.” Of particular interest, he noted “someone in Congress needs to ask Rod if he’s spoken about the ongoing investigation or the selection of Bob Mueller with anyone from Covington & Burling…that would drain the blood from his face.”

It is no secret to anyone in DC that Mueller and Rosenstein have a relationship.  Nor is it a secret that Mueller and Comey are very, very close.  I was trying to come to terms with this floated notion, made by some, that Rosenstein is a potential “Trojan Horse” that has caused mayhem since his arrival.  I’m no less convinced as to that possibility now, than I was before I made more inquiries.

Not the least of which was a copy of a letter received from a friend on Sen. Grassley’s staff from early March, stating how qualified and upstanding Rod would be as a Deputy Attorney General to Jeff Sessions.  Signed proudly by reputed ‘Fast and Furious’ architect Lanny Breuer, liberal Eric Holder acolyte Mythili Raman and (here’s where my stomach turned) new FBI nominee Christopher Wray.  After my concerned reply, the staffer’s texted response only heightened my anxiety, “LOL…you didn’t know that? Mueller, Comey and Wray were tight back in the day. They all laced the gloves up against Cheney together.  There’s no daylight here, man.  Don’t complain to us.  Call Chuck Cooper…”

With that, I realize the conservative media has failed us.  Maybe I have failed you, too.  I will do my best to get better and keep Trump supporters more informed.  It’s a maze of incestuous, self-serving protectionism.  That doesn’t mean we lay down and take it., though. That’s not how Trump nation turned the tables in 11/9/16 and we aren’t changing.

Now, anybody got a bottle of aspirin and Chuck Cooper’s cell number?

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.

Justice Is Flying Deaf, Dumb and Blind

Justice Is Flying Deaf, Dumb and Blind

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How dangerous is the Mueller investigation getting to our constitutional stability as a nation of laws? So dangerous he is leaking details of his investigation before it even starts. Mueller is a serious man, maybe, and this is definitely a serious issue. Right now, though, his credibility is about as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, and that is devastating to his mission. In the military there is an old line of reasoning for things like this: Send a good man on a bad mission, and you lose the man and the mission. Mark these words: Mueller and his team of Clinton-tethered lawyers are each carrying a bucket of paint, and believe me when I tell you there’s only corner left.

This deep state volley between white hat Americans heroes and black hat villains of the subterranean swamps, has resulted in a dizzying array of innuendo, leaks, lies and just about everything but a fact. How ironic is it the press and pundits lamented Trump’s propensity to blow it all up when he got to Washington? Trump hasn’t blown anything up. The left, and their deep state reptilian bureaucrat army have waged a war of utter destruction on our government, and our separation of powers. They tug mercilessly on the fabrics of our fundamental freedoms and chip at the foundation of the law and order upon which our government was built. If it’s not sedition, it’s perilously close.

I was willing to give Mueller and Rosenstein the benefit of the doubt on this. I saw the logic of bringing the interminable congressional hearings to a merciful end. Let’s face it, these thundering dolts couldn’t figure out the end of a Scooby-Doo episode if they held a hearing on it. So let’s go out and get our Wyatt Earp, our Eliot Ness, to take on the task of relieving the Barney Fife’s of Congress from their fool’s errand. In comes Robert Mueller. Then, in comes 4 lawyers with more democrat credentials than an AFSCME ward leader and more ties to the Clinton’s than a morgue in Little Rock. Well, the idea of an independent and fair investigation just went to hell before the hand basket could arrive. Seriously, watching Rod Rosenstein navigate this thing is like watching a poodle trying to hump a show horse. He’s out of his league, and frankly I’m not sure if he even knows what goes where. Worse, what if he actually does?

So now we know how we got here; what’s next? Well, fortunately for us in this day and age in DC, we don’t have to wait to find out. The lovely leakers will tell us! Sure enough, our superstar counsel Robert Mueller, is already leaking enough to make even the most laid back urologist a little nervous. Tongues are already wagging like dogs on a hot day…or Jim Comey in front of a congressional panel. It’s like a Mexican soap opera, but with really ugly actors, and a less plausible plot. I’m starting a pool to guess which happens first: Dennis Rodman de-escalates the North Korean conflict or Mueller hires Eric Holder to join his dream team. Get your square while there’s still time. The winner receives a free copy of “World Geography Renamed” by Maxine Waters.

But seriously, folks. Mueller can’t indict the President. Just can’t. It’s a matter of a little thing called constitutional law. The liberals don’t read it, care about it, or intend to anytime soon. But we, as literate and upstanding citizens, should have the water cooler knowledge to tell Ned from shipping that there will be no obstruction charges against Trump, nor any impeachment articles introduced; none that would garner any more traction than an Oscar nomination for Carrot Top, anyway.

Mueller wants us to think he’s going to drill down on Coats, the head of ODNI, and NSA chief Rogers to see if there is any meat on the bone of Comey’s obstruction conspiracy. Trouble with that is, both have already testified under oath that there was NO pressure or obstruction from the president. Golly gee, were they lying to congress? Will they crack under the weighty stare of Bob Mueller…and Hillary Clinton’s estate planner? Or whoever the hell Mueller will drag into this mess next. It’s absurd and obscene. And it’s a joke, too, even if Vladimir Putin is the only one laughing.

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.

“Comey was a metastatic growth of injustice allowed, if not, encouraged by President Obama.”

“Comey was a metastatic growth of injustice allowed, if not, encouraged by President Obama.”

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I know titling an article with an anonymous quote is a blatant violation of journalistic standards, but in the modern traditions of the Washington Post, we’ll chalk it up to “when in Rome…” Specifically, when in Rome while it burned and Nero fiddled; that would be more apropos, perhaps, when describing Post standards. Nonetheless, I think it accurately and succinctly sums up my short interview with a friend who is a former Department of Justice appointee and current Law Professor.

I emailed him several times recently, trying in vain to put some perspective on some of the finer nuances of Mr. Comey’s wild ride into infamy. Eventually, I learned my friend was evaluating papers and was annoyed at the prospect of having to discuss the illogic and anti-intellectualism of Jame Comey while trying to maintain his legal reasoning. It was a fair point. I tried a different angle: Explain it to me like you were at dinner party with intellectual, but not politically or legally inclined guests. My attempt at creating an interesting new perspective was greeted with the blunt rejoinder, “that’s why I hate [expletive] dinner parties.”

Eventually, my friend agreed to entertain one or two questions. I’ll call him “John,” who was his favorite boss at the DOJ. Below is the content of our exchange.

Me: Put yourself in Rod Rosenstein’s shoes when the WH asked for a memo on firing Comey. How would you have handled it differently?

John: “Rod’s a good guy. I’m not taking issue with his memo. It was soundly written. Hit the main point the media refuses to cover. Comey used the Obama administration’s politically charged atmosphere to make elemental and disruptive changes to protocol. When [Loretta] Lynch took that visit from [Bill Clinton] BC on the runway, the Obama DOJ should have initiated a chain of command containment protocol ASAP. A deputy should’ve reigned in Comey and demanded an immediate debriefing on [Hillary Clinton] HC email matter. Instead they let him run with it. Jim got his wires crossed. Went into his old prosecutor mindset. That’s not FBI territory. It’s in the [expletive] mission statement for [expletive] sake. Once he gave that ridiculous press conference it was over. He was done. He should’ve been done anyway. He paralyzed the admin though. So much so when he did the Weiner announcement, I knew guys in the DOJ, I’m talking career guys here, who wanted out. They figured HC was going to rain hell on the DOJ for letting Jim call the shots publicly. And you know what? She would have. There would have been no mercy for anyone deputy and under who didn’t resign in protest of Jim’s actions.”

Me: So obviously you didn’t know anyone over there who thought Trump could even win?

John: “No. That was the last thing on the minds of the guys and gals in the halls at Justice. They were prepping to go on defense for an onslaught of HC congressional inquiries and partisan court filings. Next thing they know wham! Trump is the honcho.”

Me: I still don’t get it. If the Rosenstein memo was solid, why didn’t he stand by it?

John: “Rod is a lifer type. He’s not going to stay in bath water that goes from warm to piping ass hot. He’s just not. And it’s not his job to play Atlas while the AG pushes him out front of 42 democrat senators that just confirmed him a week before. If that’s what the WH had in mind for Rod they picked the wrong spot for him. Again, the memo was sound and defensible in fact. Comey sidestepped protocol, procedure and tradition. Investigators investigate, prosecutors prosecute. Anyone off the streets who has seen the opening of law and order episodes can tell Jim jumped a firewall or two.”

Me: Ok, last question. What if there are tapes?

John: “I’m going to assume there are no tapes. If there are tapes and WH counsel office knows about it, half of them would fake terminal illness to get out of the WH before the tapes did. It would be a disaster. Total [expletive] disaster for everyone involved. Forget about a legislative agenda, forget about market stability. This is already the worst relationship I’ve ever seen between a sitting honcho and the media. Tapes? Tapes would make the current [expletive] all mess look like paradise. And I don’t care what’s on them. Every Justice suit with a brain and a retirement plan wishes Trump would have never brought it up. Anytime you get a sanctimonious [expletive] like John Dean back on cable news shows, you are doing yourself no favors. None.”

Me: That’s really how you would explain it to me if I were a doctor or an engineer at a dinner party?

John: “If I took the time to explain it to a curious MD I’d tell them Comey was a metastatic growth of injustice allowed, if not, encouraged by President Obama. That’s the truth of the matter. He wanted it to be HC’s problem and her revenge. He had 100% cause to fire Jim after the first press conference. He didn’t. I suspect he didn’t for more than just bad PR for HC, but he probably knew Jim would look to the Lynch handling of the emails and BC meeting. This testimony and poor me routine was always going to happen. Didn’t matter if it was Obama or Trump that fired him. This is Jim Comey. This is just who he is. That’s all I got.”

I had to sit back and read then re-read my friend’s input before it struck me: maybe when dealing with a personality like James Comey, there was no other way for this to go. Obama fires him and the press says he’s trying to save Hillary’s campaign. Trump fires him on January 20th and the press is told he is interfering with an ongoing investigation. Trump fires him after yet another fruitless and error-prone testimony before Congress four months in, and we still find ourselves in a cacophonous quagmire of Comey’s own making. Lost in all the debate, is that somehow James Comey finds a way to get the AG and DOJ out of his way so he can be judge and jury. He did it deftly with Loretta Lynch, and he even had the audacity to testify he knew in advance AG Sessions would need to recuse himself “for a variety of reasons.” Wow. Once you open your eyes to who Comey is and how he operates, none of this is shocking or even surprising anymore.

James B. Comey is not a man of integrity. The damage, when all is said and done, to the Bureau’s credibility will be substantial. I can write that with a great degree of certainty without even broaching the walking horror show who goes by the name Andrew McCabe.

God Bless America. And if it’s not too much trouble, can You fix the FBI, too? Amen.

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.