From Russia With Love

From Russia With Love

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If there’s an American left that’s not sick to death of hearing about Russia, chances are they work at CNN or NBC. Myself, I’m loathe to delve into the topic again at any level. After months of exhaustive research, endless testimony and multiple investigations, we have nothing to show any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. But it hasn’t all been a wasted effort. I did reacquaint myself with a little known, but clear case, of collusion between an American presidential candidate and the top levels of Russian government.

The year was 1983. Democrats were eager to find a vulnerability with an emerging political icon in Ronald Reagan. Easier said than done. At this point in history, the Democrats were known to lean heavily on the sole remaining Kennedy brother, Senator Ted Kennedy. Richard Nixon once shockingly disclosed that he found Ted to be the most talented and serious politician of the Kennedy family. So much so, that Nixon requested a Secret Service plant on young Ted Kennedy’s exploratory presidential run in ‘72. Nixon was confident they could exploit the infamously promiscuous proclivities of the Kennedy clan. This is notable, as ten years later, Kennedy was well on his way to establishing his leadership role in the Democratic Party. And much like his brother Bobby did during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Ted found it prudent to send a back channel message to the Soviets; except this time it wasn’t to prevent war, but to achieve a political objective.

You may remember a dust up last year involving Fox personality Greg Gutfield citing a meeting Ted Kennedy had with the KGB in order to beat Reagan in 1984. The liberal “fact checkers” went on a frenzy to discredit the assertion. Gutfield got his facts in a blender, but the ingredients were accurate. The story was unearthed in 1991 by London Times reporter Tim Sebastian. He spent a great deal of time rifling through Soviet archives that were made available by Boris Yeltsin. In there, was a stunning memo crafted by Victor Chebrikov, the head of the KGB. It was addressed to the head of the Soviet Union, Yuri Andropov. The memo itself was never discredited, nor denied by Kennedy’s office. Though the middle man in this game, Kennedy’s old law school buddy and one-time Senator John Tunney, long has denied the content of the memo; at least in part.

I think it’s worth revisiting this little piece of criminally under-reported history. John Tunney, on behalf of Kennedy, made a trip to Moscow and met with KGB head Chebrikov. This alone, is noteworthy. Tunney took no pains to deny this. The subject of the exchange was not up for much debate, either. In a bold fashion, naked in its political ambition, Kennedy had a message relayed to the Soviets that he was looking to help them undermine Reagan’s “militaristic policies” in exchange for political support in his bid for the presidency, which he identified as an opportunity for 1988. This stunning revelation casts an enormous shadow over any academic assertion that Trump attempted anything an iota close to this type of espionage.

Kennedy’s emissary went on to assert that the senator would line up favorable news coverage on all major networks for Andropov, as well as provide assistance in improving their messaging and propaganda to appeal directly to the American people. This unseemly quid pro quo skirts the bounds of good taste and splashes into the muddied waters of a conspiracy against the United States government. It’s fair to say this isn’t a narrative that the alphabet networks want to talk about. After all, this wasn’t a one time gambit. Tunney took multiple trips to Moscow to meet with the KGB to relay Kennedy’s messages. A private US citizen, cavorting with Soviet counter-intelligence leaders at the height of the Cold War, as early as 1980. Wow. I’m beginning to wonder what the standards really are for “collusion?” My, how we’ve moved the goal posts on this one. The line between poor taste, betrayal and treason get pretty darn blurry in this story.

Kennedy never did run for President in 1984, nor 1988, ceding to the feckless candidates of Mondale and Dukakis, respectively. That fact doesn’t change his willingness to undermine a sitting president and endanger our nation at a time of high nuclear tensions. It also puts into perspective how ludicrous this ongoing Mueller investigation has become. It seems the blood thirsty Democrats, like in the 80’s, have no worthy political leaders and still embrace a public detestation of American strength. Their vaudevillian snipe hunt on Trump and his team is paying off for Putin like a bad slot machine. Russian propaganda was a joke until the Democrats made it legitimate as a campaign issue. Putin and the FSB could not have drawn it up any better, even if they had drawn up it all; which they didn’t.

Ted Kennedy sold out his country for political traction. It’s a dark and sordid cautionary tale for any ambitious politician. Liberals will call it “old news,” but I call it a wake up call. The Mueller investigation is a sham and an affront to any logic-loving American. There is not a whiff of collusion, nor obstruction of a crime that never occurred. To assert otherwise is an exercise in perverse anti-intellectualism; serving only to embolden our enemies and lionize a house cat in Vladimir Putin. If you’re hellbent on finding Russian collusion, stop fabricating facts and start looking into the KGB archives. There, you will find all the collusion you could ever want evidenced in the light of day.

If not, and this Mueller charade continues, there will be one very happy man in Russia, sending his love…

Adam Gingrich

Founder of Wick Media Productions. Worked for Donald Trump's Campaign, overseeing the Pennsylvania region, Adam has been a Political Consultant for most of his adult life.

Mueller Time? It’s Running Out…

Mueller Time? It’s Running Out…

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Robert Mueller was tasked with the awkward, if not outright impossible mission of creating a crime that never happened. Worse, his very mission was conceived and prompted by his protege, James Comey, in order to justify, or cover up, what appears to be a conspiracy of historic proportions. Everything that has happened since is all a reverse engineering operation to legitimize an unethical and perhaps illegal government intrusion into a Presidential campaign. So many lines have been blurred, bent and crossed, that an exhaustive review is not only onerous, it’s an exercise in futility.

A year ago, I preached that patience would be required for Trump supporters to weather this storm. Historical reviews of Deep State wars indicate that tactically they tend to prefer a game of graduated incrementalism. It’s rarely an outright assault of bombshell reports, and the like; rather it tends to be a nuanced series of volleys, massaged and interpreted by the compliant media on both sides. The names have changed, as have the media’s control of the narrative, but the general rules are the same. With all the talk about white hats and black hats, the predominant color hat in DC is actually gray. Just when you think you know the truth, or any part of it, a new twist appears. It’s maddening to those new to beltway intrigue. Social media and instant “news” has proven to be a rogue element for both sides. Simplification should be our goal, not complex hypotheses created from pure speculation.

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Grounded Ambition: How Jeff Sessions’ Dream Job Became A Nightmare

Grounded Ambition: How Jeff Sessions’ Dream Job Became A Nightmare

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Jeff Sessions is a good man. He’s a capable lawyer, and his pedigree goes far deeper in respected conservative legal circles than most realize. None but the most partisan would argue otherwise. It’s not a stretch to opine that Sessions is currently holding his dream job as Attorney General; a cosmic and drastic career turn for a partisan US Senator a few decades removed from being refused a federal judgeship in an ugly confirmation battle. His political gamble to back Trump early in 2016 paid off with the ultimate prize, but the strings attached formed a web of tangled loyalties and chaos. Things Jeff Sessions never saw coming…

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Sessions the most misunderstood man in Washington. He’s reviled by the left for his hardline views on drug enforcement, civil rights positions, and immigration reform. As a result of his controversial and consequential recusal from all things Russia and Clinton related, he’s found himself in the uncharted waters of being maligned by Trump supporters who view his decision as a betrayal. You might say he’s found himself in a “crossfire hurricane,” and not necessarily of his own making. There are so many moving parts to how we got here, perhaps they can only be understood by reviewing where it started.

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MAGA: Ideological Evolution Ain’t Easy

MAGA: Ideological Evolution Ain’t Easy

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If you are feeling a distinct and specific shift in the conservative political paradigm, it’s not your imagination. If you’re old enough, you remember the Goldwater revolution. If you remember the Reagan transformation of the GOP, you know where I’m going with this. As a conservative, you’re at the front line of a new war for the soul of the movement. And, yeah, it requires picking a side.

The process is unfurling at a dizzying and frenetic pace. Spurred by the cataclysmic failures of congressional leaders, a fleet-footed and flexible Donald Trump has turned Washington on its head. Just like that, everything is changing. A coup is in motion for the helm of conservatism and the future of the Republican Party. I, for one, have enlisted… And I know who my field commanders are, just like I know who my Commander-In-Chief is, and where he resides.

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The Politics Of Impeachment: Nixon’s Lost War Against Establishment Was Not In Vain

The Politics Of Impeachment: Nixon’s Lost War Against Establishment Was Not In Vain

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I’ve seen this movie before. As one who wasn’t born in time to have witnessed the trials and tribulations of Nixon’s presidency, I grew to consume the facts of the story voraciously later in life. There is no sufficient sole source account of Nixon’s odessey. You must commit yourself to a deep and comprehensive exploration of all available accounts and form a consensus from the collective works. If you undertake such an academic journey, you will see a pattern; a pattern of subversive and insidious attacks waged by the establishment on the presidency. I don’t mean to imply merely attacks on the president, Nixon himself, but the entire executive branch. The war plan was executed with brilliant and reckless abandon, creating a pressured environment designed to force Nixon into falling prey to his own fears and insecurities. His battle may have been lost almost exactly 43 years ago today, but his testimony is alive and speaking soft words of caution to this day.

Ellsberg, Rosenberg, Rodino, etc. The names are different, but the games are the same. Congressman Drinan was every bit the crackpot moron in 1973 that Maxine Waters is today. The semblance is only shattered by the persistence of a single James Brown-esque wig. Like Trump, Nixon was also riddled with issues within his own administration. Henry Kissinger routinely violated Nixon’s trust by running to the NY Times, leaking information to undermine Nixon and raise his own profile. Ever wonder how Kissinger has maintained his beloved media status, despite being entrenched in clandestine planning to bomb Cambodia and dispatch false narratives about ending the Vietnam War for political purposes? Well, I’ll tell you: He earned his keep by leaking to the media. A practice to this day he espouses. My word of caution to President Trump, don’t trust that your conversations with the aging and manipulative Kissinger are confidential. And the cantankerous news reporter Dan Schorr, remember him? He swore before Congress that Nixon was deliberately undermining the press and challenging the credibility of the media. He bemoaned this was dangerous to the 1st Amendment. Phooey. Where have I heard that line recently? What is old is new again.

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Beware the Rainbow Retailers and the Sunshine Salesmen

Beware the Rainbow Retailers and the Sunshine Salesmen

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Winning isn’t easy. Nobody ever said it was. Those in our movement who had false hopes of a little downward relief from the Sisyphean task of winning, must now admit the struggle will continue. We shall earn our victories only through laborious struggles and the dispatching of sheer political will. It will take time, and significant political pressure.

For Donald Trump, the application of pressure and time is not a foreign concept, but dealing with a recalcitrant and unyielding adversary like Congress is something new. After all, he can’t simply walk away from the negotiating table, not without surrendering his entire agenda. Indeed, we are outnumbered and outflanked on all sides by an enemy who has had 30 years to fortify their defenses. Our march will not be unabated, our plan of attack will not be static, and our gains will be hard fought. Ignore anyone who tells you otherwise.

President Trump is a political newcomer, relatively speaking, new to the ways of Washington and the myriad of backwater minutiae that comes with it. Yet he is evolving, and he is doing so at a relatively rapid pace. In less than 200 days, he is identifying his mistakes, rectifying misplaced delegation of authority and engaging in bold cabinet moves. What the enemy identifies as chaos, is anything but to President Trump. Admittedly, from the outside, it appears as if there is a frenzied mass of confusion in the White House; from inside the eye of the hurricane, Trump sees it all and maneuvers in ways most beltway types could never fathom. Chess, the game most attributed to Trump’s forward thinking strategy, is actually far too timid and passive of a description to ascribe to the president’s style. I find it more suitable to compare it to a Patton-like proclivity to evaluate tank warfare. His style is loud and confrontational, but deftly measured in its strategy and execution. Hence the president’s affinity for seeking counsel from Generals. A military plan is not complete without several contingencies to be carried out in the event of exigent circumstances. Trump now knows that DC is just one big walking, talking exigent circumstance. He espouses a political philosophy that if it isn’t working, fix it; if you can’t fix it, nix it. Just like a General, Trump knows ‘two is one’ and ‘one is none’… Always be ready to enact the pivot protocol.

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Enough! Republicans Are Committing Assisted Political Suicide

Enough! Republicans Are Committing Assisted Political Suicide

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Ever so subtly, the seeds of division are being sown within conservative circles. You, the Trump supporter, are the frog they are bringing to a boil. Sorry folks, this ain’t a hot-tub. Who has their hands on the stove? Some readily known characters like Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes and George Will; and some surprising new faces like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich. The latter group is the most indefensible and dangerous to the cause.

More importantly, and more to the point, the 800 pound gorilla in the Oval Office was never really the Russian adventures into the election. Instead, it is the shadow of a diminutive Jeff Sessions that is actually the culprit of this dreaded and interminable pall. There can be no mistaking this as a fact. Sessions should have removed himself from consideration as Attorney General the moment a Democrat Senator asked about recusal. He never once intimated to the White House he was even considering a recusal in any matter. That’s a dereliction of duty and a betrayal that vastly outweighs any contribution as a surrogate on the campaign trail. I mean, seriously, did we need him to carry Alabama? Loyalty is a two-way street. Trump, in my opinion, held up his end and Sessions has not. But like the infomercial says, “but wait, there’s more…!”

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Manufacturing the Blues: The Media’s Fight to Keep You Down

Manufacturing the Blues: The Media’s Fight to Keep You Down

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When did it all begin? When was the first moment the media transitioned from “Trump can’t win” to “Trump won and we’re screwed”…? I think we can look to the moment CNN and other networks began showing downward trending market futures while western state polls were still open. This dramatic and completely unprecedented intrusion by the media on our election process is the only real “collusion” that has been evidenced thus far. In Europe, they lock down all media and much of social media on Election Day, in some kind of pathological response to the fear of an educated voter. In America, it’s the opposite. Our media inserted themselves into the election in ways never witnessed before, and they’re not finished yet.

Sure, we are all guilty of watching the election night video clips of the media meltdowns as Trump defied all expectations and shattered the careers of many a pollster and pundit. With that acknowledgment though, we must face the reality that the media never got up off the mat since that night, and they damn sure didn’t intend for you to do so, either. Since the midnight hour of November 9th, we have been besieged by a sociopathic and relentless media assault; desperate to defy optimism and strip the new president of any typical transition or national unity. In a metaphorical sense, they succeeded, but in a practical sense, not so much. In their efforts to destroy Trump, they have only succeeded in destroying themselves, and to some extent, the nation’s trust in many public institutions. It is the very definition of a Pyrrhic victory.

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Standing Alone: How Media Fueled Harassment Charges Are Used To Attack Black Conservatives

Standing Alone: How Media Fueled Harassment Charges Are Used To Attack Black Conservatives

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I was 17 years old when I watched in horror, along with my High School classmates in AP Political Science, as Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas was the victim of a self-described “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks…” It was a scene that helped shape my vision of American politics, and the role that race played in it. All the platitudes and hyperbole that were drilled into our youthful heads about the triumphs over racism in America, faded away like a mirage as white senators on national television chided and condescended a proud, educated and supremely qualified black man. It haunts me still; even more on days like today.

I can think of no faster rising star in conservative media than Charles V. Payne. Frankly, it’s not close. Though he’s been with Fox Business since its inception, he has only recently met his full potential once he was afforded the airtime he deserved. Yet with exposure, comes vulnerability. Payne is perhaps too effective, too articulate, and simply too black to be allowed such an opportunity not properly sanctioned by the powers that be. All of us who represent a new, honest approach to journalism must weigh the risks of notoriety. With that attention, comes the progressive and hateful left; like hyenas they circle and seek, gleefully taking down a target too much for any of them individually. To be more emphatic, let’s call it what it is: a high-tech lynching.

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Our Independence Day

Our Independence Day

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On this day, July 4th, we Americans celebrate the birth of our independence. It is a day of celebration and excess of all things Americana. It’s fireworks, hot dogs, baseball and apple pie. It’s a day when we gloss over all the ugly trials and tribulations that have plagued us, lo these 240 some odd years. Instead, we don ourselves in the colors of our beloved flag and we embrace the amazing experiment that has birthed the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Some of us, though, celebrate a new kind of independence. We now feel unencumbered by the rigid, patronizing glare of the aristocratic and self-loathing liberals who deny America’s exceptionalism. What they fail to grasp is that on November 8th, 2016, we were freed from this pall that has been draped like a mourner’s veil over our patriotism for 8 years. No longer are we scolded to cast our eyes downward and apologize for our wealth, our drive and achievements. Gone are the funereal moments of somber malaise, as we were forced to listen to a president who understood nothing about our values, treating rural and suburban Americans with outright contempt. November 9th may have given birth to a movement of anti-American “resistance,” but it also gave us more…so much more. It gave us President Donald J. Trump.

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