Fact sheet on Kavanaugh Process

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Kavanaugh has been recommended for confirmation by the Senate Judiciary Committee by an 11-10 vote. There was no rider to that motion and no amendments were included. The committee process is over. It will not be calling more witnesses or addressing the background report upon conclusion, specifically. Clarence Thomas received a 7-7 committee, by comparison, not receiving recommendation. He was confirmed 52-48 with 11 Democrats voting yes in the majority. The delay requested last Friday in order to open a 7th FBI background check into Kavanaugh was agreed to and structured by McConnell and the WH. It was understood and confirmed by Flake, Collins and Murkowski that they were NO votes without extension. Any attempts to thwart that extension would have effectively ended the confirmation process. The FBI was given…
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Mueller Time? It’s Running Out…

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Robert Mueller was tasked with the awkward, if not outright impossible mission of creating a crime that never happened. Worse, his very mission was conceived and prompted by his protege, James Comey, in order to justify, or cover up, what appears to be a conspiracy of historic proportions. Everything that has happened since is all a reverse engineering operation to legitimize an unethical and perhaps illegal government intrusion into a Presidential campaign. So many lines have been blurred, bent and crossed, that an exhaustive review is not only onerous, it’s an exercise in futility. A year ago, I preached that patience would be required for Trump supporters to weather this storm. Historical reviews of Deep State wars indicate that tactically they tend to prefer a game of graduated incrementalism. It’s…
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Grounded Ambition: How Jeff Sessions’ Dream Job Became A Nightmare

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Jeff Sessions is a good man. He’s a capable lawyer, and his pedigree goes far deeper in respected conservative legal circles than most realize. None but the most partisan would argue otherwise. It’s not a stretch to opine that Sessions is currently holding his dream job as Attorney General; a cosmic and drastic career turn for a partisan US Senator a few decades removed from being refused a federal judgeship in an ugly confirmation battle. His political gamble to back Trump early in 2016 paid off with the ultimate prize, but the strings attached formed a web of tangled loyalties and chaos. Things Jeff Sessions never saw coming... It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Sessions the most misunderstood man in Washington. He’s reviled by the left for his hardline…
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The Politics Of Impeachment: Nixon’s Lost War Against Establishment Was Not In Vain

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I've seen this movie before. As one who wasn't born in time to have witnessed the trials and tribulations of Nixon's presidency, I grew to consume the facts of the story voraciously later in life. There is no sufficient sole source account of Nixon's odyssey. You must commit yourself to a deep and comprehensive exploration of all available accounts and form a consensus from the collective works. If you undertake such an academic journey, you will see a pattern; a pattern of subversive and insidious attacks waged by the establishment on the presidency. I don't mean to imply merely attacks on the president, Nixon himself, but the entire executive branch. The war plan was executed with brilliant and reckless abandon, creating a pressured environment designed to force Nixon into falling…
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Enough! Republicans Are Committing Assisted Political Suicide

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Ever so subtly, the seeds of division are being sown within conservative circles. You, the Trump supporter, are the frog they are bringing to a boil. Sorry folks, this ain't a hot-tub. Who has their hands on the stove? Some readily known characters like Charles Krauthammer, Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes and George Will; and some surprising new faces like Tucker Carlson, Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich. The latter group is the most indefensible and dangerous to the cause. More importantly, and more to the point, the 800 pound gorilla in the Oval Office was never really the Russian adventures into the election. Instead, it is the shadow of a diminutive Jeff Sessions that is actually the culprit of this dreaded and interminable pall. There can be no mistaking this as…
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Standing Alone: How Media Fueled Harassment Charges Are Used To Attack Black Conservatives

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I was 17 years old when I watched in horror, along with my High School classmates in AP Political Science, as Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas was the victim of a self-described "high-tech lynching for uppity blacks..." It was a scene that helped shape my vision of American politics, and the role that race played in it. All the platitudes and hyperbole that were drilled into our youthful heads about the triumphs over racism in America, faded away like a mirage as white senators on national television chided and condescended a proud, educated and supremely qualified black man. It haunts me still; even more on days like today. I can think of no faster rising star in conservative media than Charles V. Payne. Frankly, it's not close. Though he's been…
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Team Trump’s New Strategy: Vetting More, Betting Less

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Wick Media Series Part 1: Rod Rosenstein I've spent the past two weeks peeling back the layers of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein like an onion.  With every layer I peeled back, I found one deep state connection after another.  The network of government lawyers in DC is a dazzling matrix of dinner party pals, Ivy League marriages, and is probably the one place where bipartisanship flourishes; provided you subscribe to naked and uninhibited reciprocity.  It's here, like a yellowed and over-stuffed rolodex, where you will find the seedlings that sprouted the endlessly and awkwardly enduring government career of Rod J. Rosenstein. Rosenstein graduated in 1989 from Harvard Law with honors, where he had a spot on the coveted Harvard Law Review. He went to clerk for Judge Douglas Ginsberg,…
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“Half an inch of water and you think you’re gonna drown.” John Prine

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Times like these, I hear the rusty old voice of that mailman turned songwriter, John Prine. Let's face it, those lyrics ring true these days. Who hasn't felt a little like they were drowning in this wave of fake news? Each day brings a slew of negative media against the president. Stories laden with unnamed sources of "past and current officials" speaking on condition of anonymity. Please. Enough. But they won't stop. It's all they have. Every twelve hours, a cavalcade of conjecture, a tsunami of innuendo and, well, sometimes even two scoops of ice cream ooze from our TVs like primordial slime. The ebbs and flows of insanity and hilarity play off each other like a tennis volley. There we sit, dull-eyed and nauseous, watching the fate of our…
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James B. Comey: A One Man Wall of Injustice

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Let's take a minute, maybe a deep breath, and walk through President Trump's decision to fire the Director of the FBI. It's not a walk that makes any sense unless you walk backwards. The established media and beltway democrats will do almost anything to persuade you to do otherwise. The soul-crushing, ethos crippling power of presidential campaign politics has brought down smarter and better men than James Comey. He is merely the latest cautionary tale detailing a DC bureaucrat who fought out of his weight class. While J. Edgar Hoover may have admired Comey's taste for playing both sides against the middle, he almost certainly would have advised against dancing with a lame duck devil in Obama. Hoover was keenly aware of the changing seasons in presidential politics and was…
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Can the Trump Administration Sanction Sanctuary Cities?

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Some cities and counties in the United States refuse to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities.  This lack of cooperation takes several forms, including prohibiting the local authorities from inquiring about an individual’s immigration status, refusing to notify Federal immigration enforcement personnel of wanted illegals or refusing to detain illegal immigrants, at the request of Federal authorities, who are arrested for local criminal violations beyond their release date.  The cities and counties employing these tactics are collectively referred to as “sanctuary cities.” President Donald J. Trump made “de-funding” sanctuary cities a cornerstone of his Presidential campaign.  The incidence of illegal immigrant criminal activity, coupled with high profile illegal immigrant murders, rapes and robberies too numerous to recount here, propelled the popularity of his proposal to stop sending Federal funds to these…
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