Can the Trump Administration Sanction Sanctuary Cities?

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Some cities and counties in the United States refuse to cooperate with Federal immigration authorities.  This lack of cooperation takes several forms, including prohibiting the local authorities from inquiring about an individual’s immigration status, refusing to notify Federal immigration enforcement personnel of wanted illegals or refusing to detain illegal immigrants, at the request of Federal authorities, who are arrested for local criminal violations beyond their release date.  The cities and counties employing these tactics are collectively referred to as “sanctuary cities.” President Donald J. Trump made “de-funding” sanctuary cities a cornerstone of his Presidential campaign.  The incidence of illegal immigrant criminal activity, coupled with high profile illegal immigrant murders, rapes and robberies too numerous to recount here, propelled the popularity of his proposal to stop sending Federal funds to these…
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JUDGE NEIL GORSUCH: Antonio Scalia or David Souter? A Brief Examination of his Record

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Justice Antonin Scalia cast an enormous shadow across the legal landscape of this Country. Throughout his nearly 30 years on the Supreme Court of the United States, he applied his conservative, “originalist,” “strict constructionist” judicial philosophy to the Court’s decisions. He profoundly impacted the Court and shaped its opinions. He is widely regarded as one of the Court’s most influential justices in modern times. His untimely death in February 2016 left a tremendous void on the Court; a void newly-elected President Donald Trump promised to fill with a like-minded conservative jurist. (more…)
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